Our Team


Mark Hasegawa, P.Eng., M.S. (Company President)
Mr. Hasegawa’s experience encompasses a wide range of services relevant to urban 
land and building design projects including: coordination of outline plan preparation
within the City of Lethbridge, urban planning and design projects, conceptual design 
of urban infrastructure, detailed design of servicing, hydraulic modeling, construction contract preparation, tendering, and administration, and on‐site construction review 
and certification. Mr. Hasegawa also possesses substantial knowledge and experience related to project management and coordination of personnel related to the preparation 
of planning documents such  as Urban Infrastructure Design Outline Plans.

George Hasegawa, P.Eng. (Senior Associate)
Mr. Hasegawa, Sr. has over 50 years of engineering and project management experience.  He owned and operated Hasegawa Engineering for over 30 years 
and has an extremely broad experience base ranging from municipal and 
structural to geotechnical engineering.

Ian Franks, P.Eng. (Infrastructure Services)

 Mr. Mr. Franks’ experience is focused around water management planning, analysis and design with an emphasis on understanding the Water Act and its requirements. He has been involved in the project management of planning and design review of numerous water supply and drainage projects. He specializes in understanding the rules related to conventional and innovative designs and how to have those designs approved by Alberta Environment. He is also well versed in coordination with various authorities (particularly AENV) and stakeholder groups to negotiate the approval process.


Dave Chalmers, CET (Field and Technical Support)

Mr. Chalmers is responsible for the technological support behind a wide variety of engineering projects in the office. His experience includes:

  • Residential and small commercial structural evaluation and renovation design
  • Construction Inspections
  • Soil bearing evaluations, logging geotechnical boreholes, percolation testing
  • Analysis and reports on the effects of a transfer of water license on the flow in the Bow River
  • Residential subdivision design and development - office and field work involving:
    • GPS data collection/processing
    • Subdivision design
    • Site/infrastructure layout, staking and inspections
    • Reports
  • Computer modeling of storm runoff using PCSWMM - projects include feedlot  runoff and pre- and post-development runoff for projects ranging from 0.75 to 84 hectares
  • Storm water retention design
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
Mike Oler, TT (Drafting Technician)

 MMMr. Oler has 12 years design / drafting experience including 8 years of experience with AutoCAD Civil 3D. He is proficient in working in the CAD environment to prepare plans, profiles, and details for civil and environmental engineering projects. He also has experience with environmental projects such as Phase 1 & Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments and design and implementation of wastewater lagoons for various Hutterite colonies.  

Desmond Panther Bone, TT (Drafting Technician)
Mr. Panther Bone has 9 years Civil 3D and Civil design/ drafting experience. He is proficient working in a CAD environment to create and modify models for civil design 

Jeri-Lynn Heggie, TT (Drafting Technician)

 MMMrs. Heggie has  7 years of AutoCAD/Civil Design drafting experience.  She has prepared development concept plans and 3D renderings for structural and civil projects.  

Devon Durocher  and Carol Smith (Administrative Support)

 MMMs. Durocher and Ms. Smith  provide reception and  administrative and accounting support.